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About me

My name is Kamil, and I have been professionally involved in tech and IT since 2015. Currently, I work as a Domain Architect at ING Tech Poland where I am responsible for overall architecture of Applications & Support department. My work does not involve writing nearly as much code as in the past, but software engineering still remains my passion.

At ING I tried my hand at being an internal ING Tech Academy trainer - Scala, Functional Programming, Pair Programming; and spoke at ING meeTech #18 meetup - Rust language. Co-organized and organized two editions of an internal hackathon. I am an active member o internal (ING) and external communities, have an experience in being Scrum Master.

My professional hard skills revolve mainly around JVM-related topics and solutions, but I remain open-minded to learning other technologies. Here is a list of what I feel the most comfortable with:

  • Programming languages: Kotlin, Rust, Scala, Java
  • Frameworks: Spring Boot, Play Framework, Akka
  • Data processing: Apache Spark
  • Databases: Elasticsearch, Cassandra, SQL
  • Cloud: Azure DevOps, Google Cloud Platform, OpenShift
  • Other: Ansible, Docker, Kafka, Docker, RHEL
  • Concepts: DDD, ETL, Actor Model, DevOps
  • and more…

Today, I focus my efforts on mastering Rust programming language, competitive coding and learning more about neural networks.

Whenever I am able to, I contribute to Open Source projects I use as well as share my own works, so feel free to check my GitHub (github.com/fineconstant) account. I always keep trying to learn new things and share my ideas, so that’s what I want to write about on this blog. You can expect to see posts on all related topics that I have mentioned above.



  • University of Silesia in Katowice
    2013 – 2017
    Engineer’s degree, Computer Science
    Thesis: Greedy algorithms for creating association rules

  • Technical School No. 4 at Technical Vocational Complex in Dąbrowa Górnicza
    2009 - 2013
    Electronics technician
    Computer systems and networks, audio and video engineering


If you have any feedback or just want to contact me, please feel free to reach me via any of these channels.


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